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Zakladni skola Zelenec a public primary school situated in a small residential city, within the suburbs of Prague, Czech Republic. This school provides education for approximately 590 children aged between 6 to 14 years.


Partner focus: Lada Šimáková

Lada studied special education in Charles University. She works at Zelenec Elementary School as a teacher, special educator and counsellor. In 2019/2020 she started another first year with new pupils. Among others, her task is to teach them read. They use the so-
called genetic method of reading. She usually works with the youngest pupils of the school in their first years of school attendance. She also coordinates a school club entitled „We are not afraid of school”. Its aim is to prepare preschool children for her new experience
with school. She was also involved in a project called „School for every one“ and between 2016-2019 she was the coordinator of inclusion at Zelenec Elementary School. In the A is for App project she represents their school where she will work with pupils with reading difficulties who need to improve their reading skills.

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