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Faculty of Humanities Charles University

As the youngest among all 17 Charles University Faculties, Faculty of Humanities joins traditional university teaching methods and approaches with  advances in e-learning and academic tracking technologies to allow distance learning and  increased student-teacher communication. Its research and academic focus is within Humanities and Social Sciences including Psychology.



Partner Focus: Gabriela Seidlová Málková

I am a university lecturer and researcher, vice dean for research at the Faculty of Humanities. My research interests are in the development of language and literacy skills in preschool and primary school age including disorders of literacy development. I am especially interested in relationship of phonological and orthographic processes in literacy acquisition and the ways to use research results for the purpose of creating assessment and intervention tools for psychology counselling practice. My interests are also in methods and tools to study literacy in cross-linguistic perspective.  

Why does knowing more about reading fluency apps matter to you and your institution?

Because there are almost no reading fluency apps in the Czech Republic available for the use in educational and psychological counselling services.


Why did you get involved in the project?

Because I wanted to get inspiration for my work from people working in different educational and counselling systems in different European countries and from people having much more experience in using apps to support children at risk of reading failure.