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Faculty of Humanities Charles University

As the youngest among all 17 Charles University Faculties, Faculty of Humanities joins traditional university teaching methods and approaches with  advances in e-learning and academic tracking technologies to allow distance learning and  increased student-teacher communication. Its research and academic focus is within Humanities and Social Sciences including Psychology.


Partner Focus: Gabriela Seidlová Málková

Gabriela Seidlová Málková is an associate professor in Faculty of Humanities, Charles University. She is a lecturer and a researcher. Her professional interests involve developmental and cognitively focused  educational psychology  ( In her research she mainly studies development of language and literacy skills of pre-schooler and early school children. She is also interested in cultural and social determinants of cognitive functions development. She
intensively works on implementation of research outcomes into the practical fields of counselling and educational psychology. Thus, she has created several assessment and intervention tools for development of early reading and writing, including tools which use ICT. She is the author of a wide range of books and professional papers in peer reviewed journals. She has received several national and international grants which supported her research.


Partner Focus: Jana Draberová

Jana Draberova studied psychology and education in Charles University where she also completed her Ph.D. study. Her main interest is academic self-efficacy. She created an assessment questionnaire on academic self-efficacy among adolescents as her Ph.D. project. Jana works at psychological and educational counselling centre where she works with pupils with learning and behavioural difficulties. In the A is for App Jana is in charge of various administrative and organisational activities.

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