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Go! Basisschool Ter Beuke

...is a primary school situated in Kessel-Lo, near Leuven (Belgium). This school provides education for approximately 445 children of which 190 children in nursery and 255 in primary school.


Launch at LEUVEN School - Director Hans

Partner Focus: Hans Van Gelder

I have been active again in education for 9 years, after an intermediate period where I ran my own company.


The new challenge for education today is to rethink and reorganize education so that the structure of a school is ready for a flexible journey in the future.

Many systems that have been active in the business world, for already a long time, can also be used in education: to make things simple and effective.


The individual trajectory of each child should be the central issue, around which a plan is drawn up, taking into account the talents and the level of each child. Curricula and learning outcomes are incorporated into the learning process of each child. Good feedback and a detailed care plan are essential to get maximum results from every child.


A School has to be an “open space” were you meet and learn things from other people, and where you should have the opportunity to discover, fail, compare, make mistakes, burst out, think, play, ...


“Think Without a Box” is my motto!