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...is a public primary school in the Amsterdam area of the Netherlands and part of an  educational partnership of 18 Amsterdam primary schools (providing
education for over 6200 children)


Openbare Steigerland Montessorischool


Professional background:
For years I was a primary school teacher at a Montessorischool. Today I'm a remedial teacher, coach and a coordinator for children with Special Educational Needs.


Knowing more about reading fluency apps matters to our school so that we can let children practise on different levels and give them more help. Even so I hope that an excellent reading fluency app will contribute to their confidence and motivation.

I got involved in this project because I know Jurgen and Elise from other research according to reading.

I hope this project will lead to finding or letting develop an excellent app for children who have to practice their reading fluency.

Partner focus: Annet ten Dam