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DYS-centrum Praha

…is a non-governmental organization working with individuals (children, adolescents and adults) with specific learning disabilities as well as their relatives. They offer them a range of various services including assessment, counselling, continuous therapy, cooperation with clients' schools and teachers, communication with the whole family.



Partner focus: Lenka Krejcova

Lenka Krejcova is a psychologist working at DYS-centrum Praha, z. ú., an NGO specialized in individuals with learning difficulties. She also lectures at the department of psychology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University. Her professional interests involve dynamic assessment, literacy development, learning difficulties. She works with preschool children, pupils, students, and adults with learning difficulties, their families and teachers. She is an author of several books and papers in professional journals.

Why knowing more about reading fluency apps matters to you and your organization?

DYS-centrum Praha, z. ú. has been in the field for more than twenty years. It has already been involved in various projects focusing on reading development. Most of its clients face various reading difficulties, including reading fluency troubles. Thus, participation in the project closely corresponds with DYS-centrum’s everyday professional activities. DYS-centrum also organizes courses for teachers, counsellors, and other professionals. It will be able further disseminate outcomes of the project.


Why did you get involved in the project and what are your hopes for the project?

The Czech Republic still misses a wider range of educational apps, particularly apps on reading development. This area is still rather neglected in the curriculum and also among intervention strategies for pupils with reading difficulties. DYS-centrum hopes to gain more up-to-date knowledge and experience on reading apps. They will be further used with DYS-centrum’s clients and DYS-centrum will inform other professionals in the Czech Republic.