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Netwerk Leerproblemen Vlaanderen a group of researchers, teacher trainers, school board members, practitioners, parents and people with learning problems, aiming at achieving and disseminating knowledge concerning learning problems. The network is supporting research initiatives and plays an active role in the dialogue between science, practice and policy.


Partner focus: Professor Pol Ghesquière

Pol Ghesquière (PhD) is Full Professor in Learning Disabilities at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Leuven (KU Leuven - Belgium). His research focuses on the cognitive aspects of dyslexia and dyscalculia and their neurobiological basis, the screening and assessment of specific learning disabilities, effective instruction and remedial teaching for children with reading, spelling and arithmetic problems. He is Academic Fellow of the International Academy for Research in Learning Disabilities (IARLD). As president of the Flemish Learning Disabilities  Network and member of the scientific advisory panel of Dyslexia International (an NGO in operational relations with UNESCO), he also tries to influence and inspire policy and practice concerning children, youngsters and adults with learning disabilities, especially dyslexia. In his book, coauthored with Walter Hellinckx, “Als leren pijn doet… Kinderen met een leerstoornis opvoeden en begeleiden” [When learning hurts… Educating and supporting children with learning disabilities] (Acco, 2018) he tries to translate his scientific insights for parents and teachers.

“Jacqueline Tordoir motivated me to participate in the ‘A is for App’ project. This was not so difficult, since I realized in my research as well as clinical work that there is really a lack of methods to support remedial work in reading fluency. Later on, together with Jenny Thomson, she convinced me to become the coordinator of this Erasmus+ program. I am happy to do that, because we have really a marvelous team to achieve the aims of this project.”

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