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RID Dyslexie Dyscalculie a nation-wide specialised institution for reading disabilities in the Netherlands. It is specialised in providing diagnostics and intervention for children with reading difficulties, as well as in conducting applied research and advising local municipalities and schools on providing support for children with reading difficulties.

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Partner focus: Jurgen Tijms

I am a developmental psychologist, affiliated with both the RID, a clinical institution dedicated to providing support to children with reading difficulties and the Rudolf Berlin Center, a university center for learning problems at the University of Amsterdam. My work is focused on translating scientific research into innovations to better support children with reading difficulties.


Why does knowing more about reading fluency apps matter to you?

Reading skills are essential for reaching one’s potential in society, and fluent reading is the quintessence of reading development. Despite all efforts provided at school by teachers to teach children to read, some children persistently struggle to obtain fluent reading skills. As a scientist I am fascinated by why they struggle, and as a psychologist fascinated by how to support them in the best possible way. Concerning the latter, apps and game-based learning have a unique potential in supporting the development of reading fluency in a motivated and individually-tailored manner.


Why did you get involved in the project and what are your hopes for the project?

My personal motivation to get involved in this project is that I have seen so much knowledge and good intentions in people that are involved in the area of reading difficulties, but that those ideas, intentions, knowledge, and needs are often not shared between different stakeholders. My hope for the A is for App project is that we will be able to bring all involved in this area (such as educators, game-developers, children learning to read, scientists, clinicians, policy-makers) together enabling a unique synergy to push the quality of support for children with reading difficulties to a higher level.

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