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Why I like the A is for App project...

Just back from a meeting with all 11 partners in Prague, I realised how much I like A is for Apps. I think it must be because the project connects with people that have gone on journeys to tackle their own personal challenges and then end up doing something that benefits so many more. This time we had invited App Developer Hannes. He told us how he suffered in school as a 5-year-old dyslexic child, which led to him being depressed. As a young adult, he decided to design a Game App to help young kids like him. The game, “Karaton” is attractive, challenging and liked by many of the school kids in our pilot. It's all about automatisation of reading and writing whilst having fun. I realise that the strength of our project is our multi-disciplinary team: academics who give feedback on reading development disorders, forward-thinking schoolteachers who tell us which Apps work for whom, primary school kids, their parents and speech therapists who give us their valuable feedback. I feel like I am getting ever closer to my own original personal quest for finding good Apps for my own struggling reader at home!

Jacqueline, A is for App Project Manager

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